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Branding Mistakes You Could Be Making In Your Small Business (Part 5)


Consistency and successful branding go hand in hand. For example, the golden arches of McDonald’s have practically remained the same ever since we can remember. And other big brands have only made minor changes, if any, to their logos, taglines, and brand colors. The point is that once they develop their branding guidelines and brand identity, they stick to it.

If you keep changing your brand logo, tagline, or color; you might end up confusing your audience. You need to have them relate your brand name to a particular imagery or a specific tagline. So embrace consistency and even if you have to make changes, make sure you don’t stray too far from the original.

You now have a better understanding of some common mistakes you can make in small business branding. Make a plan to avoid these mistakes to successfully grow your brand. Got any doubts or questions about this article? Leave a comment below and let’s hear your thoughts.

By Renu Sharma

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