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Branding Mistakes You Could Be Making In Your Small Business (Part 4)

Missed Opportunities in Telephone Branding

What do people hear when they call your offices in to ask a question or make a purchase? Do they only hear a telephone ringing like in the usual calls that they make? And when they’re on hold, is there only silence on your end? If you answer “yes” to these two questions, then it’s clear that you’re missing an opportunity in telephone branding.

Introduce branded on-hold marketing messages to give a professional image to your business. When you greet callers with a branded automated message, you give off the impression that you mean business. And they also get the assurance that they’re dealing with a business that takes its job seriously.

Additionally, on-hold marketing messages can help you prevent loss of business by convincing people to stay on the line. If they only hear silence when they’re on hold, callers may cut the call thinking they’ve been disconnected. But with a clear message telling them to stay on the line, you could improve your caller retention rate.

By Renu Sharma

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